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Atlantis shuttle experience simulates outer space for NASA

Simulating outer space, the Atlantis shuttle experience is boldly going where no other has gone before,suspending an orbiter 30 feet in the air to display it in full flight mode. dedicated to NASA’s space shuttle program, the $100 million exhibit uses tunable lighting techniques to celebrate a technological marvel – as it would have appeared in action. installed in the 90,000 square feet museum at The Kennedy Space Center, american architects Pgav Destinations in collaboration with design firm Fisher Marantz stone used over 250 LED fixtures from Lumenpulse to create the dynamic scheme. the fixtures can be varied in color temperature and hue to recreate the unusual lighting conditions in space, and make it seem as if sunlight is reflecting off the orbiter.

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I can’t wait to get down there to check this out.



The closeout crew at the Kennedy Space Center says goodbye to the space shuttle, after completing prep for the launch of Atlantis on STS-135, the final shuttle mission. July 8, 2011.

The #FEELS here are so heavy, they could bend space-time.

if you make it through this gifset without some water coming out of your eyes, you are a stronger man than I.

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